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About Me

One of my best friends was planning on eloping a few years ago, but she wanted me to be at the wedding without offending her other mates. So, figuring every marriage ceremony needs someone there to marry you anyway, I offered to become a civil celebrant in order to attend and officiate the ceremony without putting anybody's nose out of joint. 


Since then, I've completed dozens of weddings for friends, family and strangers and being a celebrant has become a big part of my professional life (one that draws on my own love of romance and men in suits). 

For my day job, I'm a TV producer, having worked in media for the last 18 years, so being a celebrant draws on my skills of storytelling and planning to a client's brief. 


A few people have said good things about me on the review page, but you'll only know if I'm right for you and your partner by getting in touch. 


I'd describe working with me as personal, thorough and to the point. I'll also make sure your ceremony is completely unique to you and your partner so it's not the same as every other wedding you've been to. 


Have a great day and good luck with your plans!




A Sydney ceremony including two meetings with the couple, writing and re-writing the ceremony, the submission of all paperwork and a rehearsal ceremony (which I'd recommend) is $1050. I don't charge GST. I can also provide an awesome PA system so everyone can hear, plus a table and chairs to sign the marriage certificate. If your venue already has all of that stuff, we can use theirs. 


We'll fill out a few legal forms at least a month prior to the ceremony to confirm your identity and then sign some documents on the wedding day. Make sure you've got a valid passport and drivers licence and (if you can find it) your birth certificate. If you've been previously married, I'll need documentation to confirm the end of your most recent marriage. 



Pretty much whatever you want. Tea ceremonies, readings, stories - whatever makes it personal to you. I can suggest some traditions and alternative practices to make sure it doesn't feel like wedding deja vu. There are a few words that I have to say to make the marriage legally binding and we can discuss those in detail when we meet. 


I'm 36, I don't mind a drink and I'm partial to a weekend of binge-watching TV, so you'll get a celebrant who's in touch with you and your friends and is happy to create a ceremony that doesn't feel preachy or old-school. 


I've done naming days and have worked with families on their funeral plans (both human and pets alike). I'm comfortable working with all members of the community and celebrating individuals' cultures and identities in all life ceremonies. 

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